2 Lane Rotary Cup Filling Sealing Machine










Main Features AISI 304 SS Frame AISI 316 SS Filling Parts (Compliance with international sanitary regulations) PLC Touch Sensitive Screen High Accuracy Volumetric Filling Special Non-Drip Flexible Filling System Product Level Sensor Electronic PID Temperature Control Unit Speed Control Driver Compliance with CE Standards Capacity : 3000 Cups / Hour depending on volume and product viscocity。


Products : Ayran (drinkable yoghurt), Yoghurt with/without fruit pieces, Water, Milk, Chocolate, Coffee, Coffee Cream, Cosmetics, Juice, Beverages, Cheese, Butter, Desserts, Honey, Jelly, Jam, Pudding, Marmalade, Margarine, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Edible Oil, Salads and etc…


CIP (clean in place) Self Cleaning System
Multiple Cup Size Usage
Capping Station
Multiple Filling
UV lights
Sealing from Roll

Video introduction: