420W Fully Automatic Cup Sealing Machine

 F1 420W Fully Automatic Cup Sealing Machine Coffee Bubble Boba Tea Milk












Voltage: 110-220V 
Frequency: 60HZ 
Power: 420W 
Output: 500-650cups/h 
Cup materials: PP, PET, PC, and Paper Cups 
Film materials: PP or PET
Dimension: 19 x 17.5 x 28"
Weight: 62 lbs
Film Specifications: 
PE (Polyethylene): 170 °C 
PP (Polypropylene): 170 °C -200 °C 
PS (Polystyrene): 180 °C 
Film: 120 °C -180 °C PET (Polyester): 160 °C – 200 °C
























































HEAVY DUTY and durable stainless steel structure provides commercial quality reliability you can depend on, an everyday work hours
HIGH SENSITIVE SCANNER for precise sealing and adjustable settings for temperature and sealing / rolling times
AUTOMATIC SEALER Seals cup fully automatically within seconds. Safe and convenient full automated operation.
CUP RECOMMENDATION For use with 3.74" (95mm) diameter cups, max cup height 7.08" (180mm).