Fruit Juice Cup Sealing Machine

s-l1600220V WY-680 Automatic Bubble Tea Cup Sealing machine Fruit Juice Cup Sealer 350W

1. Automatic induction cup sealing
2. Automatic electric eye
3. Sealing height <17cm
4. Adjustable temperature
5. Use simple, high efficiency





1. Air outlet height <17cm
2. Sealing cup size 9cm and 9.5cm
3. Seal film is not included, if you need it, pls contact us.
4. There are mysterious gifts in the parcel
5. You need push the cup manually
6. This item only Support 220V.



Model: WY-680
Power: 220V 50Hz
Sealing speed: 450-500 cups/hour
Power: 350W
Capacity: 380-500 cups / hour
Sealing Cup Height: <17cm
Preheat: 2-3 mins(50-250℃)
Sealing cup diameter: 7/7.5/9.5cm
Size: 185 X310 X 570 mm
Goss Weight: 25 kg

Package Included:
1 x set of Cup Sealer